Our ultimate goal is to align your brand with its mission and vision, consistency in application and proper brand management from a functional level to a core corporate focus.


As specialists in developing campus brands, our expertise is based on our experience in setting up campus retail stores as well as managing and stocking up these stores with various kinds of apparel and accessories.


We ensure that your brand receives the right exposure - both on and off campus.  This is done by focusing fully on brand standards and brand opportunities – we do not apply conventional methods.


For the past decade we have been specialising in bespoke custom styles on request, as well as offering our affordable high qaulity in-house ‘ready cut’ styles.

We have a large selection of fabrics in a variety of colours to choose from. We offer a variety of fabric matches and branding solutions to enhance your bespoke look.


We offer a full sporting code solution with our sporting kits, sports leisure wear and sports accessories to suit your need.

Whether you order large of small, adult or kids sportswear, we’ll design a package to meet your requirement and budget.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to deliver quality.

About us


 We love the energy and movement of our student communities. These are some of our many interactions with students on campus and outside campus events.